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Lock-snapping Crime Prevention

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Some Crime Prevention guides are quite long and highlight a number of different crime prevention techniques that can be used to prevent a particular crime type.

This lock-snapping crime prevention guide is not one of them, it is the shortest we have produced.

There is a two stage process to preventing being a victim of Lock-snapping:

1.  Be aware of the dangers of Lock-snapping.  After reading this site you are aware - a great start!

2.  The next thing you need to do is purchase and fit correctly anti-snap locks. 

We advise choose Secured by Design approved, or diamond rated locks from Sold Secure.  Two locks are currently diamond rated, the Yale Anti-snap cylinder lock is probably the most well known.  Watch the video on how to remove your old lock and see what size Yale anti-snap cylinder lock you need,

Of course you can also improve your home security in general, but fitting a Yale Anti-Snap Cylinder Lock is the best crime prevention to prevent lock snapping.

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