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Have I got an Anti Snap Lock

Many people ask the question, have I got an anti snap lock?  The area has been receiving a lot of publicity over recent months, here is a quick guide with video to show how you check if replacements are needed, how to fit them without  a locksmith and where to find the cheapest and best.

Do I Have Anti Snap Locks

This video showing how to fit anti snap locks also shows what they look like, right at the start of the video you can see the distinctive section that breaks away to protect your home.  It is easy to remove your current locks to see if you have this section.  If you have not replaced mechanisms since 2008 you probably will have a vulnerable system.

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See the video here.  Do you know what Forensic Home Security is? 

Where to Buy an Anti Snap Lock

Many websites sell systems, however not all are equal. Please ensure, like these systems they meet certain criteria

Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel

1.The lock must state "anti snap", not just "anti bump" and "anti pick"

2.It should be SS312 approved

3.It must come in the correct size for your door

Choosing the correct size is easy, as shown in the video above and they can easily be fitted to any door without the need for a locksmith.

Do I need an Anti Snap Lock

If you need to fit new locks, for example if you have just moved home, or have lost a key or broke up with a partner then a cheap replacement door lock may look appealing. The contents of your home are probably worth many thousands of pounds, consider upgrading your locks at this point in case snapping becomes an issue in your area.

If you live in one of the many police areas affected by this burglary problem and need to change your door locks then from a crime prevention perspective it would be prudent to fit a Anti Snap Euro Lock.

Those of us lucky enough to live in areas not yet affected may have more cause not to upgrade our locks.


Many people may still prefer to buy cheap cylinder locks for doors, however it is easy to check if you are vulnerable to this burglary method and as the video shows you don't need a locksmith to prevent crime from taking place.  Take 5 minutes to check your locks and then if needed purchase Yale anti snap locks which are available for about £25.  This threat is new and many people have not heard about it, please inform others of this crime issue. 

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