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'Miss Crime Prevention' - what we can learn from Fiji

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Earlier this week the Fiji Times reported Irene Mary Kumar as being crowned '2012 Miss Northern Crime Prevention'. Miss Universe and Miss World are regarded as outdated and controversial competitions, so why is this being written about in a UK base crime prevention website?

What can we all learn from 'Miss crime prevention' in the fight to reduce crime in our local area?

Now we are not saying all publicity is good publicity, however as a result of this contest the crime prevention message in Fiji will reach a potential new audience. 

As Irene stated

We all have a part to play in preventing crime and it should begin at home...

The best ways of increasing awareness of crime prevention

Congratulations to Irene, I haven't heard of a Miss UK Crime Prevention, but the message we at have taken from this article is let's try and raise awareness of crime and crime prevention in new and exciting ways.

So today we are asking for examples of innovative and interesting ways of highlighting crime issues and crime prevention - forward your examples to before July 20th and we will announce the winners on in the first week of August. 

Hopefully we all can learn from each other and reinvigorate our crime prevention message together.

We hope that you find the reporting by interesting, our recent articles on Crime levels along the Olympic Torch route and lock snapping have created interest, send in your examples so we can all learn work and help each other.

Let's raise awareness of crime and crime prevention.


David Sand is a former police employee and now researches for keeps you informed about crime threats and the best crime prevention products to prevent becoming a victim.


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