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The Best Security Marker Pens

Ultra Violet pens, or Security Marking Pens as they are sometimes called are a tool designed to protect your property.
The basic idea is that you draw an identifiable symbol or postcode onto your valuable items, if they are stolen and subsequently recovered the authorities can use a Ultra Violet light to search for your identification.

This technology has been around for many years. It is a relatively simple process to complete, however there are some pros and cons to consider - covered below and also the best option you may not have considered and there is a promotional code!.  

But first back to the advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Security Marker Pens:

There is little deterrent. The potential thief often does not know you have marked a lap top, or other piece of equipment, so they steal it. This means that you will have been a victim of crime and all the negative that go with this (fear of further crime / feeling of your privacy being invaded etc.)

Offenders can alter your UV code. Simply by purchasing a special light, finding your markings a criminal can then use their own writing to strike through, or cover over your marks. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible to find the original post code / phone number / name or symbol written on the property.

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See the video here.  Find out about Forensic Home Security here.

Small items such as jewellery are hard to mark. Many extremely valuable items (both in monetary terms, or for sentimental reasons) such as rings, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, ear rings and necklaces, have very small surface areas. Imagine trying to write on one of these with something the size of a felt tip, that is the task you are faced with. A very tricky problem.

Often some trace can be seen then simply rubbed off. Many UV Pens cost only a pound or two. As reviews show the ink on some does not dry properly, traces can often be seen with the naked eye even a day or two later. If this is the case, all on offender has to do is rub at the area to remove the etching, or sometimes even a smudged effect will be enough to make it useless.

Advantages of UV Pens.

Low Cost. Often they can be purchased from stationary shops, or online retailers for anything between £2 - £10 (plus postage and packaging).

Anybody can use these products, they are universal in nature, you decide how you would like to security mark your property.

What are the Alternatives?

A range of companies provide alternatives. As usual we like to find products that have been independently tested and approved, to help back up supplier claims.

One of our favourites is from a 20 year old UK based company that has over a million customers (both individual and business.)

A video of their product can be found here, but in essence it is a deterrent in addition to a security marking system. It is a forensic liquid that assigns your valuables with their own forensic code. It is much better than a UV pen for a number of reasons.

The liquid can be added to a whole range of valuables, as this article shows. They will be marked at this point and traceable. Deterrent stickers are also provided so criminals can see the system is in operation.

It is now available to readers for at a discounted price, if you use the code MYCPA10H4 on the official product shop page. A full description and key facts can also be found there.

Quick facts

  • 90% of criminals recognised the brand and what it was.
  • They have a 100% detection rate when their scientists are used in court.


There are a large range of different makes, models and brands on the market. Always check reviews on sites such as Amazon to ensure there are no complaints about the number of uses you can get from that particular brand. This is another common problem.

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