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Gardens, Passageways & Fence - Crime Prevention Ideas

1. Burglars can be put off by a thorny hedge or prickly plants such as this prickly, but beautiful holly tree . These can also look nice, but can be a real deterrent.

2. A Gravel path is noisy and could draw attention to a burglar. Gravel is one crime prevention technique that is easy to install, effective and can be a true deterrent.

3. When trying to secure a fence from being jumped or climbed over don't use barbed or razor wire or broken glass – you could be held responsible for any injuries to members of the public, even if they are were going to break into your home.  Sometimes a weak trellis is better, as this makes it hard for the burglar to climb over the fence.  

4. Have a look at your garden, try and identify any weak spots, e.g. weak fences or locks and replace them. Ask yourself, if I were a burglar where would I target?  Bolts can be effective and don't need to be expensive, just like this 6" Bolt for only a few pounds

5. Fit strong lockable high garden gates across passageways to prevent access to a burglar.

6. Look for any areas that could use additional lighting. Security lighting should make offenders feel vulnerable and observed. The aim of security lighting is to illuminate high-risk areas and allow occupiers to see any approaching persons. One of the main problems with effective security lighting is the need for extending mains power supplies. There is a good range of solar powered security lighting that does not need a mains power source, read Amazons customer solar security light reviews here. 

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