Helping to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.


Student Crime Prevention Tips

1. 1 in every 3 students becomes a victim of crime according to crimestoppers.

2. Keep laptops and other CRAVED products out of sight, especially in ground floor rooms.

3. High value goods should be taken home during holidays or ask your university if they have a secure storage scheme. Criminals know when students go home for holidays and will target properties then.

4. Ask the landlord to fit a door phone entry system if you live in a communal block. If your Landlord is not immediately keen on this idea, explain the expense of providing this could be a selling point for the property when he comes to renting the property out the year after.

5. If you have a door phone entry system ensure you use it and know who you're letting in.

6. If you live in rented property ask your landlord to make improvements to security. New window locks may be cheaper to fit than replacing a window.

7. Ensure you have insurance. Home contents insurance will be needed – you may be able to extend your parents policy.

8. Students in halls of residence should always lock doors, even if you are just leaving your room for a short time. Unknown people may be inside your Halls.

9. Take a clear, colour photograph of your property and make a written record of make, model, description and features so you can report it accurately if it is stolen. Alternatively take a video of each room showing property stored, this can be used to help identify stolen property, or may be useful to insurance companies.

10. If you have been a victim of burglary theft report it to your local Police. If the Police are not aware of the problem they will not be able to focus resources into preventing further victims.

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