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Crime Prevention - Doors a Top 10 Checklist

1. Keep your doors secure, even when you're at home.

2. Fit a low cost door chain, these cost a few pounds and are easy to fit.


or if you want a bit more security a home security bar could provide extra security.

3. Consider a peephole viewer camera so you can see who is at the door. These devices fit onto the inside of a door using the spy hole and provide a clear image of people who may be calling at your door. This can provide added reassurance and security, especially for older or vulnerable people.

4. Make sure your door frames and the doors themselves are in good condition.

5. Check door hinges are sturdy and securely fitted with strong long screws; hinge bolts could also be fitted.

6. Consider fitting a Letterbox Cage – these prevent burglars putting their hands or specially adapted tools through the letterbox to open the door or steal keys.

7. Fit mortice deadlocks – British Standard BS3621 about a third of the way up the door.

8. Patio doors are especially vulnerable, if you are buying patio doors ask for the sliding section to be on the inside and for anti-lift blocks. 
Multi-lock systems are sometimes recommended.

9. Existing patio doors can be fitted with additional security bolts to prevent a forced entry.

10. If you are replacing your doors make sure it is to British Standard PAS24-1: 1999 – doors of enhanced security

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