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6 things I don’t like by A BURGLAR report a burglar who had committed over 70 offences in London has provided information to Police stating what he – and most other burglars would put them off committing a burglary.  The burglar provided the checklist to Police before being jailed at Woolwich Crown Court.

Detectives highlighted this list to prevent further people from being victims.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Astbury said "The list speaks volumes.  We will use it to reiterate the need for people to protect their homes."

  1. Pebbles, Gravel or shingled patios.  These make a noise and could lead to a burglar being heard.
  2. An alarm fitted, even if it is a realistic looking dummy alarm, examples include this yale dummy siren box
  3. A dog, or warning that there is a dog.
  4. Lights shining from inside a room, this can be froma traditional Timeguard TS800 24 Hour Compact Plug-in Controller, Time Switch, Timer or from Fake TV Intruder Deterrent
  5. Outside lights that come on when they sense motion, including some of these solar security lights
  6. Fencing or anti-climb paint making it difficult or "messy" to get in, like this Blackfriar Anti Climb Paint Black - 1 Litre 

The burglar in question targeted premises without his 'deterrents', how many of these have you got?  


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