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How to find out about crime in YOUR town

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A question often asked is what crimes happen in my town, this can be at certain key times, such as when deciding to move house, or when certain suspicious things are noticed.

We have tried to answer this question here

How to Find Out About Crime in Your Area

Firstly go to the Crime Near You menu of this website

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Once there you different crime types are split up, there is information for

House Burglary

Bike Theft

Violent Crime (Violence against the person)


Theft from the Person (pickpocketing etc)

Vehicle Crime (stolen cars, motorcycle and items stolen from vehicles)

Non-domesticBurglary (including burglaries to garages and sheds)

What Crime Happens Where I Live?

To find out what crime happens where I live you can then find your area in the table.  These numbers represent how many crimes have taken place in that area in 2013/14 and what percentage change that was from the year before.

Historic Crimes in my Town

The tables shows details of offences in the last year.

Crime Prevention Advice

A range of crime prevention advice is available on the website, in addition to details about key crime prevention products, such as forensic security devices.

Underreporting of Crimes in my area

A recent report highlighted by the BBC showed that up to a fifth of crimes could be going unrecorded.

This may mean that up to 20% of all crimes that take place, may not be being recorded, therefore  more crimes could be taking place than those highlighted official data sources.

The report was produced by the HMIC and involved inspecting a number of forces including, Cheshire, City of London, Devon and Cornwall, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Gwent, Hertfordshire, The Metropolitan Police, Norfolk, North Wales, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.  The remaining 30 forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be inspected in due course.

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