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One of the Best UV Pens

There are a large number of Ultra Violet pens and lights that can be purchased to try and stop your valuables being lost forever if they are stolen, this article covers some of the best of these.  

We look at the:

  1. Edding 8280 UV Marker Bullet Tip
  2. Proporta UV Security Light and Marker Pen
  3. Accessotech Permanent Pen and Built in Ultra Violet LED Light.

All of these are available from a well known internet retailer.

Edding 8280 UV Marker Bullet Tip.

Price £3.30 + postage and packaging.

For this price you get a single pen, that claims to be ideal for marking all of your valuables. The tip is 1.5-3mm thick, this is quite good, however it may struggle too mark items of jewellery with a post code, or phone number (imagine where would you do it on your necklaces, or bracelets.) These items are often targeted by thieves – it is worth considering before purchasing.

It is claimed the ink is visible when applied to a range of materials that people commonly want to mark. These include metals, plastics (computers / lap tops / ipads) glass and even wood.

A simple Ultra violet light can be used to read your post code, or what ever you decide to cover your property in – however the light does not come as part of the package. This could make it difficult to see how well you have written your details!

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See the video here.  Find out about Forensic Home Security here.

Proporta UV Security Light and Marker Pen

£6.95 plus postage and packaging.

The main difference between this and the Edding is the addition of a security light. This makes it easier to see what you have written. It is a bit more expensive, however still very cheap.

There are many customer reviews on Amazon, two issues that is identified, once again are the thickness of the nib., this makes it hard to protect smaller property and also that the ink can be seen with the naked eye, if normal light reflects off it at a certain angle.

Accessotech Permanent Pen and Built in Ultra Violet LED Light.

Price: £1.49, plus postage and packaging.

Two pens come for this very cheap price, less than 75p each! If you would like to use this as a deterrent to criminals it may not be advisable. The production description mentions 'fun time with the kids', so maybe this is not the best choice.

Summary and Alternative
These pens are cheap and may offer some protection. However would you trust them to protect all of the items in your home? There are alternatives and they don't cost the earth. Forensic security marking products are used by the Police and have been independently tested and approved by a range of organisations.

You could spend less and purchase one of the best UV pens, but the they are in no way as good a deterrent or protection.  Click here to see the promotional code and make a great saving on on this product.


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