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How to Prevent Garage Break Ins

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One of the most overlooked entries to your possessions is the biggest, this article looks at how to prevent garage break ins and what you can simply do to improve security.

Simple Security Tips for your Garage

  • If you have windows in the wall, or the door, cover them or make it difficult to see by 'frosting' them.Don't show criminals what's inside.
  • Lock valuable items together, things such as lawn mowers and bicycles. This makes it harder for a thief to take, even if they get in.
  • Keep the door well maintained. Locks that look weak may attract the attention of offenders.
  • Check the area around the entrance, make it as hard as possible to hide from view, is it well lit, are there bushes to hide in?

What Products can be Purchased to Increase Door Security

There are a number of different products on the market, some are better than others, for further information about the three listed below, click on the links.

  • Forensic Security Marking. Used by Police forces and a million users, high tech and very simple to use. Watch the video here and get 10% off the RRP. Forensic security marking video
  • Padlock. This isn't just any padlock, the Squire SS50CS has a 10 year guarantee, has been independently tested and approved (Sold Secure Gold Rating and CEN 4 Rated.) Big padlock product information
  • Garage Defender. This device aims to secure the up and over doors, it has been independently test (Sold Secure Bronze) and locks onto a solid steel base to block the tilt action.  Defender information and prices

Think about what you store in this area

Cars and motorcycles are the obvious answer, however many people store much more than that, using this space as a huge cupboard. Do you have power tools, gardening equipment such as lawn mowers, strimmers, childrens toys such as scooters and of course bikes, think about the hundreds of pounds these items cost and what security you have to protect them.

With the exception of cars, most of these items are very easy to sell on, criminals know they can make quick and easy money, this makes them attractive targets. Offenders can often carry the goods and be away in a short period of time. Make this process as hard as possible for them, thing about what protection you have, and how you can make it difficult for offenders so they don't target your property and disrupt your life.


A number of highlighted tips concerning how to prevent garage break ins included in this article are free. There are alternate products that can be purchased if additional security is required, garage defenders may help prevent thieves from gaining entry, more high tech innovations such as forensic security systems could provide an extra layer of protection and crime prevention, meaning an attempt becomes unattractive to criminals.
Start with the free and simple security tips, use them, keep aware of burglaries in your area, using websites such as and only purchase additional products if you feel it is necessary in relation to the value of the goods accessible through that big door.

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