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What is Sold Secure?

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Sold Secure are an organisation who test security products. Manufacturers can apply to have their products tested by Sold Secure, with those approved gaining the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

Information on these approved products is then sent to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the Home Office, the public and the media.

What categories of sold secure exist?

Sold Secure rate products in Gold, Silver and Bronze categories for most products – there is a special Diamond level rating for caravan, tracker and cylinder lock security products.

The diamond, gold, silver and bronze categories reflect the higher security provided by the product.  This is related to the tools and time used to test products.  Successful products are given Sold Secure approval, and web sites such as highlight this fact.

The Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze rating does not give any form of guarantee that these products will be 100% effective in combating crime, but it does give you an indication of how products fared when tested by an independent agency.

The history of Sold Secure

Sold Secure is a testing agency set up in 1993 by two police forces (Northumbria and Essex)  with backing from the Home Office.  Sold Secure is now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association (a not for profit trade association) and works from purpose built labs just outside Daventry.

What Sold Secure products can I buy to improve garage security?

Sold Secure Gold Squire ss55 and squire ss65 padlocks

Sold Secure Universal Security Hasp & Padlock

Sold Secure Bronze PJB Garge Defender PJB302 Red - No Padlock 

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