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Do burglars fear security lights?

The Met Police released a list supplied by a burglar highlighting what would deter him and  other burglars from committing a crime.  The list concerns house burglary, however all apart from one, a light shining from inside a room could be extremely relevant for shed burglars reports  It is worth noting that the burglar in question targeted premises without these deterrents.

6 things burglars don't like

  1. Pebbles, or shingled patios.  These make a noise and could lead to a burglar being heard.
  2. An alarm fitted, even if it is a realistic looking dummy alarm.
  3. A dog, or warning that there is a dog.
  4. Lights shining from inside a room.
  5. Outside lights that come on when they sense motion = see pir security lights.
  6. Fencing or anti-climb paint making it difficult or "messy" to get in.

A range of crime prevention products including pir security lights that are activated when they sense motion, can be found by following the links in this article.  Click on the links above to view our products.  The burglar in question targeted premises without his 'deterrents'.

Can a security light help with shed security?

Pir security lights can add extra light to the area around your shed, this may act as a deterrent to a burglar, however they should possibly be considered as one of a range of crime prevention measures to protect your shed and the valuable property it may store. 

What is the value of the property you store in your shed and how much have you spent on crime prevention products?  Consider improving your shed security today with

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