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Garage Door Security

 garage defender

This simple sturdy product is a tested and approved way of improving your garage door security.  It has Sold Secure Bronze award and is made in England. There is a picture link at the bottom of the page to purchase from Amazon - just click on the picture link below if you would like to order one of these clever products.

What is the Garage Defender?

The garage defender range is a way of securing your garage door. The defender unit locks onto a solid steel base using a padlock to block the tilt action of the door.

This product, made in Britain, has an independent concealed armoured padlock.

What do others think of the Garage Defender?

Sold Secure have accreditid this product with a Bronze status.
The Garage Defender featured on the BBC1 TV programme - 'To Catch a Thief'.

Who needs a Garage Defender?

The Garage Defender is designed to give added security to up and over garages. If you have high value property in your garage the Garage Defender could give added security for a low price.

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How do I fit a Garage Defender?

Full fitting instructions are included and fitting should take about an hour. The unit is fitted in front of the garage door with two expandable security raw bolts that are included.

What do I need to be aware of when fitting a Garage Defender?

The garage defender is fitted into the ground. If you are applying the unit into concrete then at least 4 - 5 inches of good solid concrete outside the garage door is needed.

If the unit is to be fitted into tarmac or block pavers then a built in base unit is needed. When ordering be sure to enter 'fit into tarmac or block pavers' and a base unit will be supplied at no extra cost.

Can I fit my Garage Defender into tarmac or block pavers?

This Garage Defender unit is designed to fit into concrete. If you require tarmac fitting please click on the correct option above and you will receive the Built in Base instead at no extra cost.

This Built in Base unit is required when the application site does not have sufficient good concrete outside of the closed garage door (at least 4 - 5 inches is recommended) i.e. where tarmac or block pavers are present.

To use the unit simply excavate a 250mm deep hole and fill with a good 3-2-1 concrete mix.

The below unit is free when requested in preference to the bolt down base with the Garage Defender Master and Padlock

Read customer reviews and compare products in the garage defender range to ensure they meet your exact needs.

How do I order my Garage Defender?

Simply click on the picture of this product below, you will then be taken to the exact page on Amazon where you can purchase the product direct. 

Dimensions for the Garage Defender

Weight 4kg

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