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One of the most overlooked entries to your possessions is the biggest, this article looks at how to prevent garage break ins and what you can simply do to improve security.

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A question often asked is what crimes happen in my town, this can be at certain key times, such as when deciding to move house, or when certain suspicious things are noticed.

We have tried to answer this question here

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There are a large number of Ultra Violet pens and lights that can be purchased to try and stop your valuables being lost forever if they are stolen, this article covers some of the best of these.  

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Ultra Violet pens, or Security Marking Pens as they are sometimes called are a tool designed to protect your property.
The basic idea is that you draw an identifiable symbol or postcode onto your valuable items, if they are stolen and subsequently recovered the authorities can use a Ultra Violet light to search for your identification.

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Keypad Door Locks

Depending on the type you order keypad door locks can be used on garden gates, garage doors, sheds, external doors, internal doors and cupboards. There are a large range available, we look at some of the options here.

The Borg 2201 Digital Push Button Door Lock with Holdback comes in Brass or chrome

Product Dimensions 17 x 10.6 x 6.2cm

60mm latch

Weight 400g

Suitable for internal applications.

The simple design of this fully mechanical push button coded locks are a positive.

You can choose from over 8000 different combinations.

The load plate design is patented and helps to eliminate code cracking attempts

This device is tested to 100,000 operations.

Very reasonably priced and comes in brass or chrome

Read customer reviews here of the borg push button door lock here

UPDATE:  One of the best home security products now has a £15 off RRP voucher code.  

See the video here.  Do you know what Forensic Home Security is? 

Simple Electronic Keyless Lock

UPVC Door Lock Option


Suitable for internal and sheltered external applications.

Stainless steel components

Tested to 100,000 cycles

Designed for medium to heavy duty applications

Read reviews of the Borg 5001 (5401) Digital Push Button Door Lock with Holdback in Satin Stainless Steel here

Good sized keypad for ease of use

Supplied in satin steel chrome

Uses a 60mm tubular latch

Holdback feature

Borg 5001 (5401) Digital Push Button Door Lock with Holdback in Satin Stainless Steel

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