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Top Ten Shed Crime Prevention Tips

Sheds often store a number of high value items that can easily be stolen and sold by criminals, things like bikes, tools, garden equipment and golf clubs are all easily stolen and sold by offenders. Here are a set of ten tips to prevent being a victim.
Crime prevention is about layers of security to try and deter a thief and prevent you from being a victim.

  1. The basics. Make sure you have a lock on your door. Shed doors can be very easy to open, consider closed shackle padlocks.
  2. Windows. Simple tricks like putting up a net curtain to hide what is stored inside may help. You could take this further by replacing the glass with Perspex.
  3. Check your shed, are the panels and roof secure, look at it like a criminal would. If not secure loose panels from the inside.
  4. More Advanced. Consider a battery powered alarm, criminals don't want to draw attention to themselves.
  5. Use external lights – burglars don't like to be seen.
  6. Chain items like bikes, ladders, tools and garden equipment to a strong anchor point (these tools may be used to break into your home and are often targeted by criminals.)
  7. Security mark property within your shed and display stickers to show you have done this. See Forensic Security Marking for further information.
  8. Being a bit clever. Think about your garden as a whole. Attractive physical barriers may deter thieves, things like prickly, deciduous shrubs or Holly and Hawthorn can be a deterrent, but also not detract from your garden.
  9. Criminal don't like to be heard, a gravel path around your shed could be an extra deterrent.
  10. Smearing hard setting glue on the screw-heads of your door hinges may help prevent a burglar from unscrewing your door hinges and gaining access that way.
  • And some bonus ideas. Have good strong fencing around your garden, a trellis on top of your fencing makes it hard to climb over, this may make a thief think twice.
  • Finally. take photos of your property and note make, model and security numbers, this could help identify and recover items if they are stolen.

How Many Crimes Happen Where I Live?

The 2014, Year to June, Crime Survey for England and Wales states there were over 211,000 instances of Other Household Theft (which includes theft from sheds.)
That's 5780 victims per day.

Are There any Products That Could Help?

Following the top ten tips is a good start, some of which are free. If you think of crime prevention as layers of security, then it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing some tried and tested products.
The amount of money you spend could be influenced by the value of items stored within your shed, here are some products that may deter a thief from stealing your property.

  1. Security Lights. If you shed is not attached to an electricity supply then solar security lights could be a great option.
  2. Forensic Marking Products. A number of Police forces recommend using products such as SmartWater to forensically mark valuable items of property, a much better system than UV markers. For special offers on these products click here.
  3. Big locks, chains and anchors. The quality can vary and there is a huge number of the market. Sold Secure and Secured By Design are marks that show a product has been independently tested. It may be worth buying one of these products, see a range here.

We've picked out a number of good options in the shop section of this website. Follow the links to see independent customer reviews of these products from Amazon customers, read reviews to help you decide which product will be best to prevent a criminal stealing from you.

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Crime survey for England and Wales, Year to June 2014


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