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Top Ten Motorcycle Crime Prevention Tips

There are a number of specific areas to consider in relation to motorcycle and scooter security, including where to park when out and about, how to securely store your vehicle at home and what products can help prevent being a victim of theft. Most bike crime can be prevented.

  1. Secure your bike at home. If you are not using your motorcycle or scooter keep it in a garage. Keep the keys to your garage out of view. Thieves will look for keys as this is the easiest way to get at your motorbike. They will try and steal them through an open door or window, or sometimes by using magnets through a cat flap or letterbox.
  2. Check your garage door, is it in good condition and secure? If your door is and looks secure this could deter thieves. If not get new locks for your garage.
  3. Use good quality chains and locks. Secured by Design, or Sold Secure marked products could be better. It may be better to invest a few more pounds to ensure they will act as a deterrent. A good range can be found here.
  4. Avoid having the chain touch the floor, this makes it harder for criminal to steal your property.
  5. Have a solid, strong area to chain your scooter or motorcycle to. Ground anchors can be fixed into the floor and provide increased security.
  6. Forensically security mark your motorcycle. The best of these products are designed specifically for motorbikes, a discount code and video is available here.
  7. Securing Your Bike Away From Home. Use a specific motorbike parking area whenever possible. A large number of bikes are stolen with locks and chains intact. Criminals will pick the scooter or bike up and place it into a waiting vehicle. Securing it to a strong, fixed item can prevent this. Research parking areas before a journey.
  8. If you are researching car parks, then the "Park Mark" scheme has been designed to highlight if a car park has passed security checks.
  9. Park in areas covered by CCTV and that are well lit and ideally busy. Criminals will not want to be filmed or observed while they attack your property.
  10. Alarms and immobilisers, if they are not fitted as standard, could be a great way to put thieves off.
  • GPS tracking systems can be used, however they will only alert you if your bike has been stolen. They could help you get it back.
  • Don't leave valuables or your helmet with your bike unattended.

How Many Crimes Happened in 2014?

According to Police figures, during the year to June 2014 there were over 75,000 thefts of vehicles, in England and Wales alone, this figure includes motorcycle and scooter thefts.
If you have been a victim there is a chance you will have your property stolen again. Over 4% of vehicle owning households, were victims of vehicle related theft more than once.

According to Cleveland Police, 80% of motorcycles and scooters stolen in the UK each year are taken from outside the owners home.
If you want to find out exactly how many people have been a victim of crime near you in the last month then keep an eye on your local media.  

Are There any Products That Could Help?

As with most things, the more layers of security you have the better it is.

  1. Locks and Chains. There are a huge number available to buy. Consider purchasing one that has been tested and approved by Secured by Design, or Sold Secure. These are testing agencies that work with security products. Also read customer reviews here.
  2. Ground Anchor Points. Solid, secure locations to chain your motorbike or scooter to when you store it at home.
  3. Forensic Security Marking. For the next level of deterrent, this British based company could provide a great option, for more information, including discount codes click here.

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