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Top Ten Garage Crime Prevention Tips

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A lot of goods, that combine to total a high value are often stored in garages. A garage, with one of the biggest entrances protecting your property, is often one of the least protected areas. We hope the tips below are helpful.

  1. If you have windows in your garage wall, or the door, cover them or make it difficult to see by 'frosting' them. Don't show criminals what's inside.
  2. Keep the door well maintained. Locks that look weak may attract the attention of offenders.
  3. Check the area around the entrance, make it as hard as possible to hide from view, is it well lit, are there bushes to hide in?
  4. Lighting. Criminal don't like to be seen, adding a security light could be a strong deterrent.
  5. One simple trick is to add a gravel path outside your garage. The noise made when gravel is walked on is another deterrent for criminals.
  6. Lock valuable items together, things such as lawn mowers and bicycles. This makes it harder for a thief to take, even if they get in.
  7. Use a Sold Secure or Secured by Design ground anchor to lock products to. These are installed into the floor, or a wall. See a range here.
  8. Are your locks secure and in good condition? If not invest in new ones, see the shop in the menu above for a range.
  9. Garage defenders aim to stop up and over doors from being lifted. They are another layer of security to be considered.
  10. Up and over doors can be fitted with additional locks to each side of the door. These can be fitted close to the floor (about 300mm above) to reduce leverage points.

How Many Crimes Happen Where I Live?

The 2014, year to June, Crime Survey for England and Wales states there were 211,000 instances of Domestic Burglary in a non-connected building to a dwelling, which includes theft from garages.
That's 578 victims per day. Don't be the next one.
If you want to find out exactly how many people have been a victim of crime near you in the last month one of the best ways is to follow the local media.

What Products Can Help?

Crime prevention includes adding additional layers of security to deter potential thieves. There are a whole range of products available to purchase. As a general rule consider those that have been Sold Secure, or Secured by Design tested.

  1. Forensic Security Marking. A Police back system to prevent thefts, see the video and get a discount code here.
  2. Security Lighting. Garage burglars don't like to be seen, consider security lighting, solar security lighting can be a easy way to light areas without extending your power supply.
  3. Garage door defenders. These are a way of preventing your garage door from opening. Read customer reviews by clicking on products in the shop to see if they could help you.

We've picked out a number of good options in the shop section of this website. Follow the links to see independent customer reviews of these products from Amazon customers, read reviews to help you decide which product will be best to prevent a criminal stealing from you.

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Crime survey for England and Wales, year to June 2014.


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