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Top Ten Bike Crime Prevention Tips

In this section you can find some crime prevention tips and advice about how to lock your bike.

  1. When out and about always secure your bike to an immovable object, even if you are leaving it for only a few minutes.
  2. Secure both wheels (if removable) and the bike frame. Ideally this should be a bike rack or similar. This is because criminals sometimes remove parts of signs or street furniture to get to an expensive bike.
  3. Secure your bike in an area covered by CCTV and where thieves will be noticed.
  4. Consider using two different types of lock, e.g. a 'D' lock and a chain lock as a thief must then use two different methods to steal the bike.
  5. Forensically mark your bike, including removable parts. A discount code and video explaining what forensic security marking is can be found here.
  6. Most bike thefts take place from the home. Always keep it in a well locked shed or garage. Use a tested ground anchor.
  7. If you haven't got a garage or shed then a storage unit such as the Lockerpod+, complete with Sold Secure Gold rated ground anchor could be helpful.
  8. Think about the security for your garage or shed, things like security lighting and strong door locks could provide additional layers of security.
  9. A shed alarm may be an added deterrent to thieves.
  10. Don't leave bikes unattended on the rear of vehicles in car parks or service stations. If you have to leave them unattended, try reversing your vehicle against a wall or fence to make it harder for thieves to get access to them.

Bonus Section: Bike Locks and Chains – How do Thieves Get Passed Them?

  • Levering -Thieves will use the gap between the stand and the bike left by a loosely fitted lock to insert tools such as jacks or bars to lever the lock apart. Thieves will even use the bike frame itself as a lever by rotating it against the stand or other stationary object to which it is locked. The lock may break or the bike will.
  • Striking - If a cyclist locks a bicycle leaving the chain or lock touching the ground; thieves may use a hammer and chisel to split the securing chain or lock. Keep the chain or lock off the ground.
  • Lifting -Thieves lift the bike and lock over the top of the post to which the bike is chained. If it is a signpost, then the thieves may remove the sign to lift the bicycle clear. Sometimes the post itself is not anchored securely and can be lifted clear of the bike and the lock. Consider what street furniture you lock your bike to.
  • Unbolting -Thieves know how to undo bolts and quick-release mechanisms. If a cyclist locks a bike by the wheel alone, then it may be all that is left when the cyclist returns. If a cyclist locks only the frame, then a thief may remove a wheel or wheels. In this case, if a cyclist leaves a wheel-less bike with the intent of picking it up later, then the thief may return before the cyclist and remove the rest of the bike. Think about how you lock your bike.
  • Cutting -Thieves are known to use bolt cutters, hacksaws, and angle grinders to cut their way through locks and chains to steal bicycles. Lock you bike in a public area, covered by CCTV to help prevent this.
  • Picking - For locks requiring keys, Thieves can insert tools into the keyhole itself and pick the lock open. Consider using two different types of locks to make it more difficult for a thief.

How Many Crimes Happen in 2014?

  • 1000+, that's an average daily amount of bike thefts taking place in the year to June 2014, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, over 376,000 in the year.
  • Most bike thefts take place from the owners home.
  • If you want to find out exactly how many people have been a victim of crime near you in the last month then the local press can be a great guide.

Are There any Products That Could Help?

Following the top ten tips is a good start, some of which are free. It is always better to have more security as this has a greater chance of deterring potential offenders. As a result it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing some tried and tested products.

  1. Lockerpod+. This is a Sold Secure rated storage unit, a great alternative to sheds. Get a discount code here.
  2. Police approved locks and chains. Look for Sold Secure and Secured By Design approved status and also read customer reviews.
  3. Forensic Security Marking. This is an extra layer of crime prevention that can be used on bikes, watch a short film and get a discount code here.

We've picked out a number of good options in the shop section of this website. Follow the links to see independent customer reviews of these products from Amazon customers, read reviews to help you decide which product will be best to prevent a criminal stealing from you.

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crime survey for england and wales year to June 2014

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