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  • Shed and garage burglary break ins are included in these figures 
  • Melton, Stevenage and Copeland all had a bad year.
  • Brentwood, East Staffordshire and Chichester all had lower volumes of crimes.


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  • Did vehicle crime increase last year in your area?
  • Should you be happier living in Chesterfield, Stockport, Northampton or Lewisham?
  • See the table below to find out

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  • Do you live in one of the 48 locations that had more robberies this year than the year before?
  • Which location had over 2,900 robberies in the year - it may surprise you

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  • 144 locations showed an INCREASE in bike theft last year.
  • 126 areas DECREASED - what happened where you live?
  • Was your bike safer in Luton or Harrogate, read on to find out.

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  • Has burglary increased in your area?
  • Can you guess where has the biggest increase in the country?
  • See our table below to find out

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